Washington High School
Massillon, Ohio

Recent alumni passings of note:

Don Liebermann '41

Don was an active member of his class reunions and one of the longest active, oldest boosters of the Massillon Tigers. In addition to the booster club, he was active in the Massillon Kiwanis. Don loved working with wood and was a master wood carver who in his spare time taught wood carving at R.G. Drage and Canton Vocational schools.


Josie Kolich Rollstin '44

Josie was an important piece of the Massillon Tiger Nation. For years she administered the ticket sales office - long before automation - when the attendance per game usually topped the 12,000 mark. Josie was affable but strict and kept everyone in line...including the coaches! She was alos a past member of the WHS Alumni Board of Trustees and served as treasurer.


Relda Roth '45

Relda was an active member of her class while in school and many years thereafter by being a principle member of their reunions.  She was a central figure in the 1940s "Homecoming Reunion" that included all the classes of that era in 2006.  Relda taught in and retired from the Massillon City Schools and she was on the WHS Alumni Board of Trustees serving as the corresponding secretary.  She was recognized with "emeritus status" in recognition of her devotion to her dear alma mater.

LeRoy Schumacher '48

LeRoy was recently recognized as a WHS Distinguished Citizen for all his years of hard work with his construction company and his staying right here in Massillon to help keep his hometown growing. He was a devoted Tiger Booster Club member and contributor.

Leo Grosswiler '50

Leo was also a WHS Distinguished Citizen, and played on the Tiger football team. After college he served in the US Army during the Korean conflict. Leo worked for the Diebold Company and secured many patents over his years there.  Two of his most visible designs are the vaults that encase and display the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence as well as the display vault for the Hope Diamond at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History.

Tom Hilbert '50

Tom was a "father figure" of sorts to his children's friends and his Ertle Avenue neighborhood. Like most WHS grads, Tom enjoyed life but lived for the football season. In an ironic twist of fate, Tom suffered a heart attack and died while in his seat in Paul Brown Tiger Stadium just prior to the first playoff game.


Bob Antonille '57

Bob was a Massillon cheerleader his whole life. He started organizing lunchroom cheers while in school and stayed a devoted fan to not only football, but all other Tiger sports. Bob was also active at St. Joseph Church and Holy Name society where he often got coaches to speak at their programs. He was a current member of the WHS Board of Trustees.

Robert Oliver '60

Robert was a proud member of the Massillon Tigers football teams and is probably one of the last local grads who put in a 50-year career at the steel mill, once a mainstay for many in Tigertown. He was a beloved member of his Faith Baptist Church community.

Don Peters '73

Don served Massillon on the city council for many years as well as being a diehard Tiger fan on many a Friday night.

Jake Roberson '05

Jake was a springboard diver for the Tiger Sharks here at WHS and went on to college at Drexel University on scholarship.  Jake was employed at Sea World in Los Angeles as a diver when he accidentally drowned while swimming in Pyramid Lake just north of the city.  As a tribute and lasting memorial to Jake, the City of Massillon and Jake's family are in the process of raising money for a "splash" style waterpark to be located possibly at North Sippo or Reservoir Park. There is a "GoFundMe" account already established if any alumni would like to contribute.




Nick Vrostos

Nick was a beloved adopted son of Massillon Washington for 60 years. As a football and basketball coach, he was passionate both during and after the games and devoted to his players successes long after they left school. His coaching rivalry with "Red" Ash and teh Canton South Wildcats in the 1960s was legendary. Nick was the guest speaker at one WHS Alumni Association annual meeting and when it came time to sing the "Alma Mater" he insisted on leading it loudly and proudly, word for word.

Bill Ray

Bill was a devoted member of the WHS faculty and a guidance counselor for a generation of Washington High students. He used his teaching and counseling skills beyond the classroom and developed medical education films for patients having to deal with life altering illnesses.

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