Washington High School
Massillon, Ohio

The Washington High School Alumni Scholarship Fund was established in 1986 to provide scholarships to deserving seniors who desire to continue their education and accomplish the goals they set for themselves.

The awards are granted to students who have excelled academically and have contributed to their school or community.

The scholarship awards not only provide an incentive for students, but also emphasize the message that academic achievement is valued in our community.

Starting in 1989 with one $350 scholarship award at the Distinguished Citizen Banquet, the awards have grown in size and number.

To date, more than 288 students have received over $266,550.00 in scholarship awards. The current value of the fund is approximately $450,000.00.

Student College
Dane Brahler Stark State College
Chase Fabianich Bowling Green State University
Jennifer Golembowski The Ohio State University
Dominique Gordon Kent State University
Jennifer Hamit Ashland University
Megann McArthur Ashland University
Kassandra Meyer Bowling Green State University
Haley Myer Kent State University
Benjamin Myers Bowling Green State University
Isabella Petit The Ohio State University
Emily Powell Eastern Michigan University
Daniel Robinson University of Mount Union
Christa Salewsky The Ohio State University
Mackenzie Slicker Miami University of Ohio
Amanda Smith Aultman College
Jeffrey Smith The Ohio State University
Aaron Sneed Kent State University
Macie Solomon Kent State University
Chancelor Sunkle University of Akron
Malia Turley Walsh University
Zachary Wolfe University of Mount Union
Student Parent(s) College/Major
Kimberly Anderson Tonya Anderson Walsh University - Early Childhood Education
Shaun Bolan Amy and John Bolan The Ohio State University - Computer Engineering
Mackenzie Brenner John and Stacie Brenner Ashland University - Early Childhood Intervention Specialist
Byron Brown Steve Brown and Tiffany Brown The Ohio State University or Ohio University - Biology
Emily Campisi Tony Campisi and Renee Campisi Kent State University - Pharmacy
Michael Coffey Kevin and Margaret Coffey Bowling Green State University - Computer Science
Christine Collins James and Kelly Collins Malone University - Creative Writing
Alex Dailey Ted and Natalie Dailey Undecided - Pre-dental
Dominic Foutz Lori Foutz and Rick Foutz The Ohio State University - Engineering
Alina Galant Joan and Brian Galant Ohio Northern University - Pharmacy
Tyffany Huff Ben and Kelly Huff and Carrie Miller Akron University - Biology
Shelby Kennard Karen Kincaid and David Kennard Wright State - Biology
Miranda McGinnis Allen McGinnis Mount Vernon Nazarene University
Victoria Parry David Parry and Ginneen Hinds-Parry Walsh University - Pharmacy
Cortez Perry-Briggs Melissa D. Briggs, Stephen A. Briggs Kent State University - Biology
Lyndsay Peters Joe and Debbie Peters Kent State University - Pharmacy
Sabrina Radtke Karl and Patricia Radtke Mount Vernon Nazarene University - Mathematics
Jessica Robinson Dave and Jill Robinson Ohio University - Integrated Media/Music
Andrew Smith Eric and Ann Smith University of Cincinnati-Conservatory of Music - Jazz Studies
Blakely Tombow Patrick and Joleen Tombow University of Toledo - Pharmaceutical Sciences
Taylor Wicks Tammy and Tim Wicks The Ohio State University - Pre-med
Jaci Williams Amy Williams and Karl Williams Ashland University - Nursing
Taylor Young Thomas and Susan Young Ashland University - Nursing
Student Parent(s) College/Major
Aaron Amburgey Douglas & Monica Amburgey University of Findlay - Pharmacy
Bianca Covert Todd & Jill Covert University of Akron - Biology
Andrew Eslich Patrick & Sharon Eslich No college listed - Political Science
Evan Gregg Michael & Teresa Gregg Ohio University - Sports Management
Todd Hamit Rick & Brenda Hamit University of Findlay - Forensic Science
Brittany Hassman Michael & Shawn Hassman Marietta College - Petroleum Engineering
Mallorey Hendershot David & Pam Hendershot Capital University - Pre-med
Destini Jackson Antoinette Jackson Duquesne University - Pharmacy
Amy Kish Jeffrey & Kim Kish Baldwin Wallace - Music Education
Krista Leonard Jerald and Carol Leonard Malone University - Undecided
Sarah Lockwood Bruce & Linda Lockwood Capital University - Music Education
Kristie McFadden Michael & Elizabeth McFadden Malone University - Integrated Mathematics
Katelyn Norris Karen Norris Ohio University - Microbiology/Economics
Rachel Pettay Gary & Leslie Pettay Walsh University - Pre-pharmacy
Jaclynn Runser Thad & Kathryn Runser Ashland University - Nursing
Alissa Stephanic Michelle Stephanic Walsh University - Biology
Abigail Weinberg Marshall & Mary Weinberg Ohio University - Pre-med
Samuel Willoughby Christopher & Candi Willoughby Marietta College - Petroleum Engineering
Rylie Woods Kenneth & Michelle Woods Kent State University - Psychology
Student Parent(s) College

Alissa Sallah

Gordon B. Williams Scholarship recipient

Kimberly Brunner Savannah College of Art Design
Chandler Craddock Ashley & Chris Craddock Westminster College
Markus Daniels Brittany Harper & Michael Daniels Ohio State University, Toledo University, or Kent State University
Andee DelValle Lisa DelValle & Billy DelValle West Virginia University
Cheyianna Hammond Regina & Gary Grober The Ohio State University
Samantha Hess Rhonda & Jeff Hess Kent State University
Stephanie Hess Rhonda & Jeff Hess Miami University
Kyle James Paul & Sheri James Ithaca College, Westminster College, or Bowling Green State University
Katherine Leffler Kim & Dave Leffler Ashland University
Cassandra Lilli Guy & Beth Lilli University of Cincinnati or West Virginia University
Kellie Mahoney Lori Fabianich & Tim Mahoney The Ohio State University, Kent State University, or Bowling Green State University
Ariana Parry Ginneen Hinds-Parry & David Parry Kent State University Stark Campus
Harrison Price Darrell Price & Sally Price Kent State University Stark Campus or Mount Union University
Elizabeth Remley Sean & Tiffany Remley Bowling Green State University
Sabrina Skelly Michael & Lisa Skelly Mount Union University
Connor Smith Chris & Debbi Smith Weber State University of Utah or Ohio University

Brooke Weber

Dorothy Sibila Blantz Scholarship recipient

Monica & Dave Weber John Carroll University
Student Parent(s) College/Major

Scott Lunardini
Gordon B. Williams Scholarship

Joe & Vicki Lunardini The Ohio State University
Courtney Bennett

Ron & Christen Bennett, and
Denise & Anthony Piatko

The Ohio State University
Brandon Fomich Dan & Brenda Fomich The University of Toledo
Breyanna Grizzard Bobby & Jennifer Grizzard Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Parris Hopson Perry & Rochelle Hopson Cleveland State University
Matthew D. Ivan Michael D. & Linda M. Ivan Undecided, possible University of Chicago
Emily James Bob & Lori James Kent State University
Haley Kennedy John Kennedy & Toni Manzella Cleveland State University
Anna Moore Mary Spencer-Moore & Kevin Moore University of Rochester
Colin Pedro Vincent E. & Lorie S. Pedro University of Cincinnati
Sarah Richards Chuck & Teri Richards Ohio University
Lauren Ricker Dan & Marie Ricker Ohio University
Alexandra Rutkowski Joseph & Annette Rutkowski The University of Toledo
Taylor Schembechler Richard & Kerrie Schembechler Kent State University
Rebecca Seesan Thomas & Chiquita Seesan Mercyhurst College
Ryan Skelly Michael & Lisa Skelly The Ohio State University or Baldwin-Wallace College
Jacqlynn Snell Lynnette Giuffre & Jack Snell Mount Union University
Samantha Wise Michael & Jennifer Wise Eastern Michigan University
Tauja Patterson
Dorothy Sibila Blantz Scholarship
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory McNeal Bowling Green State University


Student Parent(s) College
Tiffany Baker Edward & Kathy Baker University of Akron, Wayne College
Jessica Bomar Timothy Bomar & Stephanie Bonner Ohio University
Margaret Bomze Jay & Laurie Bomze Awaiting acceptance decisions from 6 premier universities
Jenna Brinker Darrel & Lori Brinker University of Akron
Benjamin Doering Paul & Yvonne Doering The Ohio State University or Case Western Reserve
Bethany Filhour James & Kristine Filhour Bowling Green State University
Samuel Golembowski Gerald & Laura Golembowski Ohio University
Daniel Huhn Jr. Linda Huhn Walsh University or Kent State University
Matthew McCallum Melissa Belser Miami University
Anna McCune Ken & Laurie McCune University of Toledo
Timothy Negulici Scott & Debra Negulici Bowling Green State University or Florida Institute of Technology
Naomi Preusser Terry & Linda Preusser Malone University
Cayla Seidler Edward & Susan Seidler Ashland University
Tiffany Slutz Lori Bricker & Randy Slutz Walsh University
Brande Smith Jeffery & Deanna Smith Ohio College of Art and Design
Amanda Roush Brian & Kimberly Roush NEOCOM or Walsh University
Stephanie Zickefoose Stephan & Jan Zickafoose Bowling Green State University
Christina Baker
Gordon B. Williams Scholarship
Jack & Cynthia Baker Ohio Dominican University
Casey Reese
Dorothy Sibila Blantz Scholarship
William & Sonja Reese University of Toledo


Student Parent(s) College
Taelor Brown Richard & Victoria Brown Westminster College
Letesia Conley Ms. Monica L. Conley Kent State University
Marissa Earl Dennis & Stephanie Earl Mount Union College
Ariel Ehmer Jacqueline Fitch & John Taylor Bowling Green State University
Elizabeth Huff Herb & Laurie Huff Grove City College of Pennsylvania
Kristina Kandel Ronald & Pauline Kandel Malone University
Kaitlin Laubert Haynam Gordon Laubert & Lorie Callahan Malone University
Erin Leffler Kimberly & David Leffler, Jr. Capital University
Hannah Leffler Richard & Barbara Leffler Westminster College/The Ohio State University
Lin Ling Mr. & Mrs. Lam Wo New York University
Jennifer McFadden
Gordon B. Williams Scholarship
Michael & Elizabeth McFadden Malone University
Amanda Norris John & Michelle Norris Hiram College
Jenna Peters Donald & Lorraine Peters University of Cincinnati
Douglas Remley Sean & Tiffany Remley The George Washington University
Sara Robinson David & Jill Robinson Walsh University
Ariana Sampsel Bruce & Brenda Sampsel Bowling Green State University
John Tyler Smith Chris & Debbi Smith Western State College of Colorado
Sara Winkler Mark & Alms Winkler Otterbein College/Grove City College
Olivia Fulton Donald & Christine Fulton Ohio University


Student Parent(s) College
Daniel Coffey Kevin & Margaret Coffey Bowling Green State University
Luther Copeland Luther & Julie Copeland Undecided
Joe Dottavio Mike & Debbie Dottavio The Ohio State University
Taryn Douglas Daniel & Shari Douglas The Ohio State University
Hilary Fichter Brian & Kim Fichter Ball State University
Chelsea Halter Denise Halter & Robert Stoneking Mount Union College
Natalie Hayman John & Bonnie Palmer Walsh University
Ryan Kear Russell & Susan Kear University of Toledo
Alexander Klein Eric & Laura Klein University of Akron
Timothy Larke Jerome & Susan Larke Kent State University
Emily Luckring Joe & Kimberley Luckring Hiram College
Jennifer McCune Sarah McCune The Ohio State University
Matt Skelly Michael & Lisa Skelly Ohio University
Kyle Straight Kevin & Karen Straight The Ohio State University
Jessica Stuck Bryan & Frances Stuck Pennsylvania State University
Kayla Wolfe Brandi & David Masters University of Minnesota
Kailee Worges Mike & Kathy Worges Kent State University, Kent Campus


Student Parent(s) College
Stephanie Baker Charles Baker & Regina Moore Ohio University and Kent State University
Courteney Briceland Stephen & Patricia Briceland The Ohio State University/Muskingum College
Paul Dalsky Richard & Patricia Dalsky Bowling Green State University
Anna Dechellis Charles & Susan Dechellis The Ohio State University/Bowling Green State University
Destin Heasley Richard & Pamela Heasley The Ohio State University/Kent State University
Ryan Hickey Mark & Cindy Hickey The Ohio State University/Kent State University
Leah Kennedy John & Toni Kennedy The Ohio State University/University of Toledo
Robb Maylor Robert & Jeanne Maylor University of Miama/The Ohio State University
Andrea Porter Timothy & Lori Porter Kent State Tuscarawas/Stark State
Danielle Ricker Daniel & Marie Ricker The Ohio State University/Kent State University
Katie Rowley Daron Rowley Kent State University - Stark
Alyssa Sedlak Laura Zilko Hiram College/Mariette College
Andrew Shane William & Constance Shane Ohio Dominican University/Akron University
Kyle Shane William & Constance Shane Ohio Dominican University/Akron University
Timothy Weirich Glen & Jacci Weirich The Ohio State University
Kyle Yager Rock & Niki Yager Walsh University/The Ohio State University


Student Parent(s) College
Jason Blanda Michael & Wendy Blanda Kent State University
Kathleen Burkhart Terry & Patricia Burkhart University of Dayton
Annie Childs  Linda Williams University of Akron
Stephanie Dominick Michael & Jennifer Dominick Ashland University
Jeffrey Fomich Andrew & Brenda Fomich University of Toledo
Suzanne Leffler David & Kimberly Leffler University of Toledo
Andrea Lohr Harvey & Catherine Lohr Ashland University
Nicole Malinowski Marc Malinowski Minnesota State University
Joshua Martin Olvin & Lisa Martin Minnesota State College
Lindsay Miller Gary & Linda Miller Northwestern University
Cory Reese William & Sonja Reese University of Toledo
Michael Russ Richard & Paula Russ The Ohio State University
Megan Scheetz David & Sonia Scheetz Wittenberg University
Yianni (John) Vellios George & Despina Vellios Ohio University


Student Parent(s) College
Sarah Coffey Kevin & Margaret Coffey Bowling Green State University
Gregory Dottavio Michael & Debbie Dottavio The Ohio State University
Christina Forshee Cindy & the late Richard Forshee Ashland University
Nicole Ickes Chris & Stacy Ickes University of Findlay
Donald Johns Craig & Cathy Johns University of Findlay
Brittany Kreiger Karl & Darlene Kreiger Capital University
Andrew McClain Richard & Sandy McClain University of Michigan or Capital University
Misty Secrest Ray Secrest, Tamara & Brian Constable Capital University
Diana Stipe Dan & Phyllis Stipe Undecided
Johnathon Stuck Bryan & Frances Stuck Capital University
Kristy Waite Bill & Sue Waite  
Tom Weirich Glenn & Jacci Weirich The Ohio State University


Student Parent(s) College
Jessica Ballanger Robert & Teresa Ballanger The University of Toledo
Holly Kear Russell & Susan Kear Hiram College
Kirk Kelewae Ken & Sue Kelewae Cornell University
Brian Kompara Robert & Angela Kompara Case Western Reserve University
Jason Kompara Robert & Angela Kompara Case Western Reserve University
Christopher Newstetter Kenneth & Beth Newstetter The Ohio State University
Britta Reinke Dennis & Nora Harbert Kent State University
Jessica Warstler Bruce & Conne Warstler University of Akron
Andy Zalaiskalns Valy & Cathy Zalaiskalns Currently undecided


Student Parent(s) College
Amy Brand Tim and Kathy Brand Bowling Green State University
John Erickson Jane Erickson and Robert Erickson Undecided
Trent Ridgley Tim Ridgley and Kathy Urban West Virginia University
Megan Snyder Greg and Jodi Snyder Capital University
Megan Cocklin Tim and Margaret Cocklin Capital University
Wesley Esper Wesley J. and Laurie Esper Undecided
Andrew Schwing Lawrence and Christy Schwind University of Toledo
Hope Wood Doug and Tina Wood Mount Union College


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