Washington High School
Massillon, Ohio

"It's a Grand New Flag"

Prior to the kickoff for the annual meeting with our archrivals, the Canton McKinley Bulldogs, the WHS Alumni Association was pleased to present to the Massillon Board of Education and to Paul Brown Tiger Stadium a new flag of the United States of America. This flag is dedicated to all past, present and future alumni of Massillon Washington High School.

The flag was made possible by the continued generosity of members of the WHS Alumni Association. Through you we can do small things around the high school campus that mean a great deal to the school community. Presenting this flag honors the generations that have made and sustained our football pageantry as the "Greatest Show in High School Football".

We also support other areas of WHS student life in the drama club, choir, band, annual musical as well as homecoming queen and court. Your contributions assist the WHS Distinguished Citizens event and the administering of WHS Alumni Scholarships to which this year will include those students named as Miss Massillonian and Outstanding Senior Boy.

Make no mistake, we don't do things halfway on your behalf! This flag is huge and impressive. Prior to the first playoff game hosted at Paul Brown Tiger Stadium when the flag was hoisted during the presentation of the National Anthem by the Tiger Swing Band, commentators for Ohio Sports Network covering the game stated it was the most impressive American flag they had seen at any Ohio sporting event.

As always, thank you for your support of the WHS Alumni Association!!

Bob Wenzel
WHSAA Board President

Alumni News

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As we are heading fully into spring, restrictions on large gatherings are starting to loosen. The same restrictions for wedding receptions apply to class reunions which include bar, buffet, and dining restrictions. Dancing and larger crowds are now permitted, but masks and social distancing remain in effect. It is also not certain how many will be permitted to attend football games yet, and that...

2021 Distinguished Citizens Postponed

This year's WHSAA DIstinguished Citizens program has been canceled because of the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions in Ohio. It takes several months of work by both the WHSAA Distinguished Citizens and WHSAA Scholarship committees to put the three-day event together. The current plan is to honor last years awardees (Dennis Franklin '71, Rodney Klein '53, Jeff Timmons '91, and Edward Grier '51) in the...

Massillon Schools Shine

At a time when most of Ohio's city school districts struggled, our Massillon City Schools under the leadership of Superintendent Paul Salvino ('97) remained open and fully operational with just a little district-wide "online" instruction during the Covid-19 surge in December and again around the faculty inoculation days. From the very beginning of the 2020-21 school year students were given the...

The Mary Nemeth Strukel ('54) Scholarships

The late Mary Strukel was one of the most ardent Massillon Tiger supporters and as a member of the Massillon Board of Education she worked hard to make sure student success continued in the academics, arts, and athletics of our district. One of Mary's projects was establishing the "Obie" insignia on Ohio license plates for those who wanted it. There were a lot of hoops to jump through and various...

2020/21 Tiger Basketball

Under third year head coach and alum Josh Hose ('97), the Massillon Tiger basketball team continued its winning ways despite struggles with player quarantines and getting a late start because of the extended football season (always a good thing here, but not necessarily for basketball). The Tigers defeated a previously unbeaten Wooster team as well as local rivals Perry and Central. The...

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