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Board of Trustee Members Wanted!

The WHSAA is currently looking for new board members with a particular talent/expertise in social media, marketing and computer data base development. 

The WHSAA Board of Trustees is a working board. Trustees are required to be active participants in monthly meetings, outreach, fundraising, and WHSAA sponsored events. As vacancies on the WHSAA Board arise, we will be looking for board members with specific areas of skill and expertise. There is much to accomplish, and the board is committed to recruiting new trustees who will contribute both time and talent.

WHSAA Board of Trustee expectations:

  1. Attends (10) monthly meetings per year, three absences are permitted.
  2. Serve a three-year term once elected as a trustee.
  3. Non-executive board members are expected to volunteer 1 hour per month in committee participation, fundraising, outreach and/or office support.
  4. Financial support is expected through yearly membership (dues) and support of WHSAA sponsored events and fundraisers.

Nominated and interested potential board members will be asked to submit the following information: Name, Address, Phone, WHS Graduating Class, the reason you want to serve on the WHSAA Board of Trustees, and what areas of expertise, skill, and talent you will bring to WHSAA?

Written responses should be emailed to Enable JavaScript to view protected content. or mailed to WHSAA, 1 Paul Brown Dr. SE, Massillon, OH 44646, Attention Vice President. All submissions will be given to the nominating committee/vice president for presentation at any regular scheduled board of trustee meeting for discussion and vote. Annual elections will be held in April for all board positions with term expirations.

New Face of WHS

This past Spring/Summer, the open courtyard plaza in front of Washington High School received a badly needed facelift. The redesigned area was christened as school started in August. The area now is not only beautifully designed with dramatic lighting and the name "MASSILLON" in bold block letters set to greet all who enter, but it is also functional with seating areas to accommodate outdoor classes, activities and meetings. It also gives a place for students to sit comfortably while waiting for rides after school or activities.

The facelift at the high school is just another part of the rebuilding of the Massillon City Schools which started with the utilization of the former Central Office Building on Oak Avenue as the bus fleet garage headquarters and Bob Wherry Natatorium in addition to construction of the junior high/middle school athletic complex.

The final phase of this rebuild will be the two new elementary buildings that are being built at no cost to the taxpayers through funding to replace the inadequate three current elementary buildings of Whittier, Franklin, and Gorrell.  The new buildings are being built adjacent to the high school campus and the junior high/middle school campus and are slated for use by 2025.

A new practice field for the band and some stadium parking should be restored by next season. The monies used for these projects were not permitted to be used for regular operations or purchases as designated, but as issued on a "use it or lose it" basis.

Alumni News

From the President - Spring 2024

Greetings Fellow WHS Alumni and Friends, It has been an exciting 6 months since I introduced myself as the current president of the WHS Alumni Association. I know I speak for the WHSAA Board when I say we are immensely proud of the 2023 Massillon Tigers and their Division II State Championship Win! It was a heart stopping game and I personally was overcome with emotion as I watched Tiger history...

New Alumni Board President!

Hello WHS Alumni and Friends. I am Nancy McComas Jobe from the graduating class of 1981. I am the newly elected president of the Washington High School Alumni Association. While I have served on the WHSAA Board of Trustees since May of 2018, I am excited to serve in this new capacity. I am a lifelong resident of Massillon and a graduate of Kent State University (1985, BA) and Case Western...

Tiger Swing Band's 85th Anniversary

On September 8, the Massillon Bands, under the direction of Jason Neel, celebrated the 85th season since George Bird initiated the show-band style in 1938.  Approximately 220 alumni joined in on the field alongside the current Siwng Band for one impressive showing of support for the band program and nostalgia for what it has meant. The combined band performed the traditional opening...

Board Transitions

Board Departures After serving 9-year terms, Tom Seesan '67 and Bob Wenzel '74 both must step down from the board per the WHSAA by-laws and constitution. Tom has served many years as the treasurer while Bob is completing his second 9-year term and his second round as the board president.  Bob will continue to work on the newsletter, which he has done since 2003. Also departing the board...

Distinguished Citizens Student Address

On April 7 and 8, 2022, the Distinguished Citizens from 2020, 2021, and 2022 addressed the juniors and seniors of Washington High School.   Distinguished Citizens location on video Rodney Klein (Norman Miday) - 3:20 Edward Grier - 7:00 Mike Hershberger (Nicholas Hatheway) - 18:10 Donald Sheffler (Perry Ballinger) - 22:00 Dennis Franklin - 34:45 Richard Reichel - 42:30 Mary Strukel...

More Alumni News 

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