Washington High School
Massillon, Ohio

During the last two seasons of 2017 and 2018, the Massillon football community was treated to one of the more exceptional drum majors and now his story can be told!

Keaton Gibbs ('19) was a sophomore drum major at another school when he first saw the Massillon Tiger Swing Band perform. He knew immediately that he wanted a chance to lead the band as its drum major and thanks to open enrollment he was able to take that chance.

With no guarantees, Keaton enrolled during the Spring 2017 semester at WHS with a dream. That dream turned into reality when he tried out for and was selected as the drum major of the bands upcoming 2017 season. He was an immediate sensation with the crowds not only here, but everywhere the band performed. People from here as well as other bands often wanted a picture taken with him!

Keaton again was selected as the drum major for the 2018 season, his senior year. It was at the "Buckeye Invitational" last year that he caught the eye of the Ohio State University Marching Band leadership and he along with Swing Band director Jason Neel were VIP guests at a Buckeye game with hopes that Keaton would consider trying out for the same role there.

Currently Keaton is enrolled at Ohio State - Newark with one eye on trying out next season for the role of drum major for TBDBITL, and the other eye firmly on his studies.  We at the WHSAA wish him all the best no matter what he decides to do. After all, he took a chance on us and treated us to two great seasons of entertaining baton twirling and high tosses, and not to forget a memorable personification of "Aladdin" during the band's Disney show.

Yes sir, people think "open enrollment" is just for football. In this case, it was the band. Just where did Keaton leave from to come here? Let's just leave it at "THAT school to the East."

List of drum majors on Tiger Swing Band website.

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