Washington High School
Massillon, Ohio

Recent alumni passings of note:

Mary Nemeth Strukel '54

Member of the Massillon Board of Education, she initiated the Massillon Tigers license plate campaign. Mary was a proud booster of all Tiger programs, but especially the Massillon Tiger Swing Band, of which she was a 3-star member.

Anthony Morelli '82

Anthony was a police officer for the city of Westerville, Ohio, and his murder in the line of duty made national headlines and newscasts. Morelli was a former Tiger football player.

Brent Offenbecher '79

One of the most entertaining Tiger quarterbacks in town, Brent was one of the few to be allowed to call his own plays.

Robert Graber '43

Robert was a former player and well-known community member. His hobby of recreating a miniature model of St. Mary's Church was displayed in the museum.

Wilda Jones Wilson '54

Wilda was a staunch supporter of Washington High School and the alumni.

Dick Kulick '71

Dick was an active member in many community non-profit organizations.

Shirley Harper '55

Shirley was a retired principal of the Massillon City Schools and active in the WHSAA. She authored early newsletters for us.

Joan Cheney Streb '40

Joan was one of the original majorettes of the Tiger Swing Band, and she participated in the Swing Band 75th Anniversary.

Dan Beatty '90

By day he was a retail clerk, but at night Dan was a semi-professional wrestler. He organized many charity wrestling events.

Rhonda Newbauer Hess '80

Rhonda worked many years as a radiology technician at Massillon Community Hospital, mostly on the overnight shift.

Richard Maier '43

Richard was active in many facets of the city and school community.

Faculty Members

William Nagel
Ruby "Polly" Cochran
John Wheeler
James Berbari

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