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The WHS Vocal Music Department is off and running for 2017. With the annual Feast for Five/Patron's Concert already under their belts, the students are gearing up for the 74th performance of Handel's Messiah, and are encouraging alumni to participate!!  Other events during the fall semester include the Holiday Festival Concert on November 30, the Candlelight Walk at St. Mary's on December 3, and the Jazz/Washingtonians Holiday Concert at the Lincoln Theatre on December 13. More information about choir performances may be found on the choir website.

We have also heard from this year's choir president, and representatives:

It is time again for the compilation of our past and present Massillon choir members. As a choral program, we have grown vocally, as well a family. This incredible bond has enabled us to access our full potential, which we continue to expand upon. We have been diligently working to ensure our preparation for this year’s performance; however this preparation will not make up for our need of Alumni. I do hope that you will rejoin us to experience the works of Messiah, and to share our excitement!

Elena Markley - Choir President

Our choir is very excited about this upcoming year! We get to participate in our first Messiah. We have been working very hard on Messiah music in summer choir and everyday class. I think we all are counting down the days until we get to perform with you, the alumni! Our choir is also thrilled to sing with the Advanced Choir since that will be us next year! We have just completed our first performance, the Patron’s concert and it was a huge success! This put us in the “zone” if you will. We are all ready to go to States and put more plaques on the wall! We can’t wait to see the future of the choir and we hope you will watch us grow and perform!

Olivia Muzi and Logan Bruce – Sophomore Representatives

Advanced Choir would like to express our immense gratitude for all your continuous support. We started the year off running with multiple pieces that challenged us and we are planning to continue to look at these types of songs to further our skill level as a choir. There are vasts amounts of leaders stepping up to the plate this year. We are all working to grow together as a choir but more importantly as a family.

We are excited to see where this group can go, and the goals we can conquer. We feel honored to be representing the Massillon Choir system and the tradition that comes with it. Our hope is to make our community and alumni proud and give back for all the support and traditions you have entrusted with us.

Camryn Gradijan and Nate Santucci - Junior Representatives

Writing to you are the 2017-2018 concert choir representatives, Beau and Brooke. Throughout the previous years at the middle school, we, along with many of this year’s concert choir members have enjoyed working together, not just on concert and contest music, but also extra singing opportunities such as musical and show choir. The new school and choir environment has proven to be a little bit of a challenge, however we are making our way back to a strong and confident choir.

So far this year, our choir has made a strong improvement with both an individual and ensemble sound. With the unfamiliar environment around our choir, we are pushed to reach our maximum potential. Thus creating both strength in number, and as individuals. A lot of credit for our growth must be given to the great directors we will be working with in these coming years. With the help of Mr. Cannon and Mrs. Riley, our choir will be able to achieve the challenging Goals handed to us. In conclusion, past Massillon Washington high School choir members. We are proud to say that the 2017-2018 concert choir members are very excited to have the chance of being a WHS choir member.

Brooke Hamilton and Beau Balizet- Freshmen Representatives


This is shaping up to be an exciting year for the Massillon Choirs!!  Please come out and support these talented students in their vocal endeavors!


More information about the Washington High School Vocal Music Department may be found on their website, the Massillon Choirs Facebook page, and the Save the Messiah Facebook page.

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