Washington High School
Massillon, Ohio

Zion Clark of the WHS Class of 2015 has enjoyed two rounds of national exposure these past few months. He first appeared as a guest on the nationally syndicated television show "Ellen", hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, and again on a segment of the NBC Nightly News spotlighting his wrestling at Kent State University-Tuscarawas. 

What makes Zion special is his approach to his wrestling career and his aspirations of making not only the paraplegic Olympic games but also the regular Olympic games in 2020. His positive attitude is infectious and his internal motivation inspiring to others. Zion was born without legs. It's just a fact. He never wanted pity or any special accommodations. Just stay out of his way and let him attempt whatever he puts his mind to.

At WHS he did just that. Zion was not only a member of the Tiger Swing Band, the choir - in which he sang a solo during the Messiah concert - and he is an OHSAA Track and Field State Champion in the seated meter race.

From once marking time with the Massillon Band to now marking time with history - athletics and beyond.

Carry On for Massillon!!

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