Washington High School
Massillon, Ohio

Making her way into the nation's eye recently is Class of 1980 alumna Lori Lightfoot, who became the mayor of our country's third largest city, Chicago.  Quite arguably, Lightfoot is the highest ranking WHS alum in the realm of politics of all time and is already a WHSAA Distinguished Citizen.

While at WHS, Lori was in the Tiger Swing Band, the Pep Club, and was class president. She was also a candidate for Miss Massillonian.  After graduation, Lori went on to the University of Michigan and the doors opened to her from that point on as she worked her way into the legal system. Her run to the mayor's office started as an improbable chance, but soon her appeal to the average Chicagoan and her message of justice with the experience to back it up provided a landslide victory.

The city of Massillon enjoyed national exposure as a result of Lightfoot's win. In September, she returned to her hometown for her mother's (Ann Lightfoot) birthday and she made a stop at the Tigers versus GlenOak football game. There she visited with the band, assisted with the coin toss, and let the crowd in a T-I-G cheer.

She has a big job to do and regardless of one's personal political beliefs, you must admire her courage for taking on the enormous task of running Chicago

Carry on for Massillon!!


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