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Potpourri : " a miscellaneous collection" (Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary)

Do you know the words to the W.H.S. Alma Mater? Both verses?

Want to reminisce about your elementary school and junior high/middle school?

Join us in this collection of Massillon lore.

W.H.S. Alma Mater

Oh, Alma Mater, Massillon,
We stand to sing thy praise,
With hearts that thrill with worthy pride,
At thoughts of high school days.
Thy friendships true, thy spirit too,
A part of us shall be,
Oh, Alma Mater Massillon,
We're true to thee.
And through the long, long years to come,
Wherever we may be,
Oh, Alma Mater Massillon,
We're true to thee.
Oh, Alma Mater Massillon,
God keep thee ever so,
Thy sons and daughters stand four square,
To all the winds that blow.
And as the seasons come and go,
We only ask, may we,
Oh, Alma Mater Massillon,
Be more like thee.
And through the long, long years to come,
Wherever we may be,
Oh, Alma Mater Massillon,
We're true to thee.


History of Massillon City School Buildings

1848 Union School opened 6th Street N.E. and North Street N.E.
1854 Primary School opened 3rd Street S.E. and Tremont Street S.E.
1869 Old West Side School annexed-erected prior to 1854 Main Street W. and Lincoln Way W.
1869 West Massillon Union School (addition 1890) Tremont Street S.W. and 6th Street S.W.
1876 Old Stone School opened (secondary departments) 3rd Street S.E. and Oak Street S.E.
1879 North Street School Behind Union School which was razed
1881 Cherry Street Elementary Cherry Street N.W. at 1st/2nd Street N.W.
1884 Richville Avenue School Richville Avenue
1884 West Main Street School (Elementary) West Main Street
1888 Lincoln Elementary Third Street S.E.
1896 State Street School (Elementary) State Street N.E. and 8th Street N.E.
1901 Oak Park Elementary School re-named Emerson in 1913 Walnut Road S.W. and 7th Street S.W.
1910 Harvey Elementary School Replaced West Main Street School
1913 Washington High School opened (additions 1923, 1936, 1939, 1959, 1966) Oak Street S. E. and 1st S. E.
1915 West Brookfield School (constructed 1905 became part of Massillon system) Far west Massillon on Lincoln Way
1920 Edmund A. Jones Junior High School (additions 1935 and 1958) Pearl Avenue S.E. and Glenwood S.E.
1920 Horace Mann Elementary School opened Replaced Cherry Street School (razed)
1923 Lorin Andrews Junior High School opened 661 Tremont Street S.W.
1923 Longfellow Junior High School opened Site of Union School and North Street School (Razed) on North Street N.E.
1924 Shriver Athletic Field Shriver Avenue S.E.
1929 Vinedale School built in 1905 taken into Massillon system and re-named Lewis E. York Elementary School East Side of 23rd Street S.E.
1939 New L. E. York Elementary School opened   Massachusetts Avenue S.E.
1939 New Whittier Elementary School opened (addition in 1957) l0th Street N.E. and Rotch Ave. N.E.
1939 New Emerson Elementary School opened (addition in 1958) Walnut Road S.W. and 7th Street S.W.
1939 Tiger Stadium opened Oak Street S.E. Extension
1957 New Franklin Elementary School old school sold in 1960 (razed in 1961) 16th Street S.E.
1957 Gorrell Elementary School opened (addition 1965) Schuler Avenue N.W.
1958 New Lincoln School opened   Site of old school (razed)
1965 Bowers Elementary School opened 1/4 mile north of Lincoln Way on 32nd Street N.W.
1966 L. J. Smith Elementary Near Sippo Creek on 17th Street N.E.
1974 Horace Mann closed
1976 Stadium re-named Paul Brown Tiger Stadium
1980 Jones Junior High closed
1981 Harvey School closed
1981 Lincoln School closed
1991 New Washington High School opened
2006 Longfellow Junior High School razed
2006 Lorin Andrews Junior High School razed
One Paul Brown Drive S.E.

Text Courtesy of Wilbur Arnold ('48)

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The quality of Massillon Public Schools has been directly related to the quality of the superintendents. They are listed below.
Lorin Andrews 1848 - 1851
Thomas W. Harvey 1851 - 1865
Joseph Kimball 1865 - 1869
Edmund A. Jones 1869 - 1873; 1875 - 1904
D. P. Pratt 1873 - 1875
Charles L. Cronebaugh 1904 - 1911
Lewis E. York 1912 - 1924
Harry R. Gorrell 1924 - 1935
Lee James "L. J." Smith 1935 - July 1961
Dr. Virgil Blanke August 1961 - July 1964
Dr. John Ellis August 1964 - July 1966
Louis C. Young Acting during month of August 1966
Dr. James H. Fry September 1966 - July 1970
Lloyd McCrory August 1970 - July 1974
Louis C. Young August 1974 - July 1980
Dr. Darrell K. Cheyney August 1980 - July 1987
Ron Green (Interim Superintendent) August 1987 - May 1988
Alexander Paris June 1988 - July 1995
Alfred Hennon August 1995 - June 2006
Fred Blosser June 2006 to June 2008
John McGrath June - December 2008
Lisa Carmichael January 2009 - July 2011
Richard Goodright July 2011 - present

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