WHS Alumni Board of Trustees
President Bob Clendenin '62 Trustee Paul Marks '66
Vice President Marva Bell Dodson '62 Trustee Bob Wenzel '74
Treasurer Sandra Blickenderfer Zinna '68 Trustee Sylvia Kane Seymour '55
Recording Secretary Janice Smith Stevenson '88 Trustee Sandy Altland Hannon '68
Corresponding Secretary Bette Englehart Stalker '58 Trustee Thomas M. Seesan '67
Trustee Cheryl Matson Shaw '62 Volunteer Archivist Linda Clark Sasavicz '70
Trustee Linda Young Miller '64 Advisor Robert C. Antonille '57
Trustee Robert C. Antonille '57 Financial Assistant Jeff Spicer '81
Trustee Linda Blickenderfer Waechter '70 Volunteer Mailings Beth Vattos Gatsios '48
Trustee Don Rohr '69

Volunteer Part Time/Corresponding Secretary Debbie Harig '77
Trustees Emeriti Status: founder Helen Cindia Swartz ’38, Caroline Hilbert Antonille ’40, Relda Roth ‘45 and George Helmreich '61

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"And through the long, long years to come,
Wherever we may be,
Oh, Alma Mater, Massillon,
We're true to thee"
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Last Updated March 6, 2014

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