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Massillon, OH. 44646

In A Century of Education Mary Jane Richeimer selected "Notable Ex-students of the Massillon Public Schools." Names were submitted by Massillonians. Those selected need only to have attended Massillon public schools, not necessarily graduated. Miss Richeimer described the selectees as "those who have achieved such prominence that there can be no doubt about their inclusion."

Following is her list commemorating the first 100 years of Massillon education.

Robert H. Bahney   Engineer
Rose Bampton   Soprano of the Metropolitan Opera Association
Earl Blackburn   Athlete (baseball and football)
Walter Brahm State Librarian of Ohio
Paul Brown   Coach and General Manager, professional football
Victoria Woodhull   First Woman Candidate for U.S. President
Frank B. Cleaver Writer and Scenario Editor, Paramount Pictures
Roy C. Darlington   Assoc. Professor, Pharmacy, Howard University
William Edwards   Line Coach, Cleveland Browns
Harold Epperson   Congressional Medal of Honor winner
John Warren Erb   Music Director at NYU and Lafayette College
T .J. Ess   Director/editor of The Iron and Steel Engineer
Carolyn M. Everhard   Woman suffragist
William F. Folger   Rear Admiral U.S. Navy
Robert Fothergill   Athlete (baseball)
Dorothy Gish   Star of Stage and Screen
Lillian Gish   Star of Stage and Screen
June G. Groff   Textile designer
William B. Hazen   Major General, U.S. Army
Thomas Henrich   Athlete (baseball)
Gordon Hess   District Manager, Republic Steel Corporation
Cornelia K. Hood   One of the first U.S. women lawyers
Russell T. Limbach   Artist
Alice McAllister   Army nurse
Victor H. Morgan   Journalist
Dr. David E. Reese   President, Ohio Football Officials' Association
Thomas E. Roderick   Brigadier General of the Army
Hershel B. Sarbin   Scholar
Robert R. Scott   Congressional Medal of Honor winner
Robert Peet Skinner   Diplomat
Harold W. Smith   Scholar
Arthur L. Stahl   Scientist
Harry Stuhldreher   Athletic Director/Coach, University of Wisconsin
Lee Willenborg   Author and illustrator
Lewis Edwin York, Jr.   Artist

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Recent Distinguished Citizens

2013 Distinguished Citizens

2012 Distinguished Citizens

2011 Distinguished Citizens

2010 Distinguished Citizens

There was no committee for choosing distinguished Washington High School graduates until the Washington High School Distinguished Citizens Committee was formed in 1986. The committee eventually decided the criteria for selection. One requirement was graduation from Washington High School (W.H.S.). The first class of honorees was presented in 1988. The following persons have been honored:

Year Honored Name Field
1988 William J. Jorden ('40) Diplomat
1988 Melvin Milligan ('40) Business Law
1988 Jack E. Oliver ('41) Scientist
1989 Paul E. Brown ('26) Sports
1989 Ruth Hofsteter ('35) Humanitarian
1989 Maurice C. Padden ('48) Major General USAF
1989 Robert R. Scott ('33) Medal of Honor winner
1990 Donald Berens ('42) Business
1990 Janice Ruetz DeGaetano ('51) Vocal Music
1990 Ernest Russell ('51) Government administration
1990 Gary Strobel ('56) Botanist, biology
1991 Harold Glenn Epperson ('41) Medal of Honor winner
1991 Dr. Wade O. Brinker ('30) Veterinarian, teacher
1991 David Canary ('56) Actor
1991 Hershel B. Sarbin ('42) Publications
1992 Robert Arter ('46) Lt. General U.S. Army
1992 James E. Littlefield ('50) Marketing and economics
1992 Mark Scufalos ('48) Business
1993 Paul David ('40) Business
1993 Saundra Mitchal ('67) Business
1993 James M. Young ('47) Physician
1994 Don E. James ('50) Sports
1994 Howard Johnson ('58) Musician
1994 Harry A. Stuhldreher ('20) Sports, business
1994 Gordon B. Williams ('33) Military
1995 Grace Hofsteter ('43) Medicine
1995 David D. Dowd ('47) Law
1995 Willie F. Longshore ('52) Art/educator
1996 John E. McVay ('49) Sports
1996 Peter Boron ('46) Business
1996 Donald C. Kipfer ('41) Military
1997 James P. McCann ('48) Business
1997 Betty Chandler Jackson ('35) Nurse
1997 Ralph F. Shilling ('52) Economics
1998 Robert A. Johnson ('52) Military/music
1998 Dr. Max J. Lerner ('39) Education
1998 Alvin L. Miller ('45) Inventor/industry
1998 Norman J. Putman ('42) Law
1999 Thomas F. Barthelemy ('52) Military national security
1999 James M. Lawson, Jr. ('46) Minister/civil rights
1999 Thelma Tournay Slater ('38) Education
2000 R. Kenneth Horst ('53) Education
2000 Richard McFarland ('47) Aviation
2000 Mark Mendelson ('67) Business
2000 William Morrow ('49) Business
2001 John F. Burton ('53) Education
2001 Francis Cicchinelli, Jr. ('69) Government
2001 Jack B. Wright ('61) Education/Theatre
2002 Robert McDade ('38) Education
2002 F. Joseph Scharon ('41) Manufacturing
2002 Evelyn Provitt ('48) Nurse
2002 William Humes ('47) Manufacturing
2003 Dr. Milton S. Feather ('54) Biochemistry
2003 Dr. Phyllis Furlow Holmes ('63) Psychology
2003 John Little ('75) Computer Software
2004 Frances Hardman Goodwin ('48) Judicial
2004 Dr. Robert L. Hewitt ('65) Social Work
2004 Myron Weinstein ('41)
Electrical Engineer
2005 William J. Breed, '46   Geology
2005 Steve Luke, '71           Athletics/Business
2005 Charles McDew, '57    Civil Rights/Educatio
2006 Jill Colucci, '67 Entertainment
2006 Alex Wood Jr, '73 Athletics, Education
2006 Richard Myers, '55 Cinematography, Education
2007 Larry Harper, '71 Athletics, Business
2007 Helen Cindia Swartz, '38 Lifetime achievement in scholarship, eduction & community service
2007 Ernest W. Maglischo, "56 Althelics, Education
2007 Donna Rae Richardson, '63 Nursing, Administration
2008 James Ripple '45 Engineering
2008 Tom McCloud '62 Cancer Research
2008 Lamont Hill (posthumously) '64 Military
2008 Richard Fink '73 Music / Theater Opera
2009 Robert W. Grier '52 Athletics/Civil Rights
2009 Marsha E. Mitchal Malone '68 Computer Analyst/Government
2009 Timothy A. Knight '82 Military/Business
2010 Kurt Bodiford '83 Us Military/Logistics/Analyst
2010 James Houston '56 Football/ Financial Planning
2010 Dave Koffel '53 Auto Racing/Business
2010 Edward Molinski '36 Physician/general Practitioner
2011 Gerald Grabill '42 Government Service/FBI
2011 Graydon Eckard '64 Construction/Military Service
2011 Bobby Grizzard '78 Law Enforcement
2012 Jim Johnson '48 (posthumously) Marketing/Sales
2012 Leo J. Grosswiller '50 Engineering
2012 Charles Brown '62 Athletics/Human Services
2012 David McFee '81 Music
2013 Homer C. Floyd '55 Athletics and Civil Rights
2013 Lori E. Lightfoot '80 Law
2013 Walter Charles Robinson '59 Music
2013 Niall W. Slater '72 Education
2014 David A. Doll, '45 Architect/Naval Aviator
2014 Renee Wallace Baker '91 Warden-Ely State Prison, Nevada
2014 Margy Vogt '67 Local Historian/Community Volunteer
2015 Alexander Paris '52 Education
2015 Theodore Stults '55`` Military, Business
2015 Robert Vogel '59 Athletics, Business, Ministry
2016 John L. Muhlbach, Jr. '65 Community/Athletics
2016 William B. "Billy" Luke '71 Military/Athletics
2016 George Scott Crawford, III '82 Military
2017 Susan R. Gessner '47 Business/Community Leader
2017 Pamela Bordner Gable '68 Government/Educator
2017 Leroy H. Schumacher '47 Construction/Development/Business
2017 R.R. Denny Clunk '47 Attorney/Judge/Community Leader

If you would like to nominate a WHS graduate for this honor, please e-mail WHSAA requesting the necessary forms or write and mail your request

Room H-214, One Paul Brown Dr. S. E.
Massillon, Ohio 44646

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